Woodstock Minor Baseball
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2024 House League Tournament

The 2024 WMBA House League Tournament is being presented in cooperation with The Childrens Health Foundation - details of all the fun activities they are bringing to the event can be found on their Facebook Event Page here https://www.facebook.com/share/jg7WBTi7fsaFKVZn/?mibextid=9VsGKo 

7U Schedule

Team 1ScoreTeam 2ScoreDayTimeDiamond
James Vance Construction 5Hunter Steel Sales 6Sunday10:00AMSSE
James Vance Construction 2Scott's No Frills 4Sunday12:00PMSSE
Hunter Steel Sales 5Scott's No Frills 0Sunday2:00PMSSE
Scott's No Frills 1James Vance Construction 10Sunday4:00PMSSE
Hunter Steel Sales James Vance Construction Sunday6:00PMSSE

James Vance Construction 0
Hunter Steel Sales 4
Scott's No Frills 2

9U Schedule

Team 1ScoreTeam 2ScoreDayTimeDiamond
Air Force Heat and Cool 18Team Beckett 11Saturday9:00AMBrompton
Mitch Lattimer Plumbing 5Scott's No Frills 6Saturday9:00AMSutherland
Air Force Heat and Cool 8All Elite Baseball 4Saturday11:00AMBrompton
Mitch Lattimer Plumbing 7Oxford Source for Sports 4Saturday11:00AMSutherland
Team Beckett 7All Elite Baseball 6Saturday1:00PMSSE
Scott's No Frills 5Oxford Source for Sports 16Saturday1:00PMSSW
Air Force Heat and Cool 4Oxford Source for Sports 5Saturday3:30PMBrompton
Mitch Lattimer Plumbing 17Team Beckett 2Saturday3:30PMSutherland
All Elite Baseball 16Scott's No Frills 10Saturday5:30PMSSW
Oxford Source for Sports 3Mitch Lattimer Plumbing 6Sunday4:00PMSSW

Mitch Lattimer Plumbing Champions

Pool APointsPool BPoints
Air Force Heat and Cool 4Mitch Lattimer Plumbing 2 (1st)
Team Beckett 2Scott's No Frills 2 (3rd)
All Elite Baseball 0Oxford Source for Sports 2 (2nd)

11U Schedule

Team 1ScoreTeam 2ScoreDayTimeDiamond
Scott's No Frills 1Oxford Source for Sports 7Saturday9:00AMComplex Front
Boston Pizza 5Adams Building Supply 8Saturday9:00AMComplex Back
Scott's No Frills 7James Vance Construction 2Saturday11:00AMComplex Front
Boston Pizza 3Ingersoll 0Saturday11:00AMComplex Back
Oxford Source for Sports 12James Vance Construction 4Saturday1:00PMComplex Front
Adams Building Supply 1Ingersoll 3Saturday1:00PMComplex Back
Oxford Source for Sports 2Adams Building Supply 5Saturday3:30PMSSE
Ingersoll 0Scott's No Frills 8Saturday3:30PMSSW
James Vance Construction 6Boston Pizza 11Saturday5:30PMSSE
Adams Building Supply 3Scott's No Frills 5Sunday2:00PMSSW

Scott's No Frills Champions

Pool APointsPool BPoints
Scott's No Frills 2Boston Pizza (3rd) 2
Oxford Source for Sports 4Adams Building Supply (2nd) 2
James Vance Construction 0Ingersoll (1st) 2

13U Schedule

Team 1ScoreTeam 2ScoreDayTimeDiamond
Scott's No Frills 3Jennifer Gale Real Estate 15Saturday9:00AMSSE
Certainty Wipes 7Ingersoll 4Saturday9:00AMSSW
Scott's No Frills 7Ingersoll 6Saturday11:00AMSSE
Certainty Wipes 4Jennifer Gale Real Estate 8Saturday11:00AMSSW
Jennifer Gale Real Estate 16Ingersoll 7Sunday10:00AMSSW
Scott's No Frills 7Certainty Wipes 2Sunday12:00PMSSW
Jennifer Gale Real Estate Scott's No Frills Sunday6:00PMSSW
Certainty Wipes Ingersoll Sunday6:00PMComplex Back

Scott's No Frills 4
Certainty Wipes 2
Jennifer Gale Real Estate 6
Ingersoll 0